Ds Smith's sustainability potential explained.

Video made to demonstrate Ds Smith’s potential in the field of sustainability.

Client: Ds Smith
Date: 2017-10-08
Services: Motion, Illustration


Packaging & more…

Having created over 30 videos in over 25 languages both for internal and external use, we are still going strong with this wonderful partnership. DsSmith being a very dynamic company, we have to respond quickly to their needs, in terms of content creation and strategy/vision. Next to all the animated content for external branding, internal business processes, training videos, we also film all their events and interview team members and management for various purposes.

``One of the main reasons we like working with Candyland is the personal approach we receive by Yanick. First of all Yanick is someone who really understands our business and can easily translate our complex business challenges into educational video material.

Secondly because of this personal approach Yanick is often directly in contact with the specialists within our organisation giving him the direct input and feedback he needs to speed up the approval process.

Another advantage of this way of working is that it gives Yanick/ Candyland more insights and knowledge about our business that we can see translated into the high quality video he has been putting together for us in the last 48 months.``

Stijn De Wit European Marketing Communications Manager