Orange Pro Payment services explained.

With the rebranding from Orange to Mobistar we translated all our work we did for Mobistar to the new Orange universe.

Client: Orange
Date: 2015-10-08
Services: Motion Graphics, Design

Production overview


As a preferred partner of Orange, we developed over 100 animated videos about new services, new offers, products, tutorials to facebook ads. With the transformation from Mobistar to Orange we rebranded the older videos into the new brand look. We therefore created a new visual universe and animated style to match the new brand guidelines.

Next to animated content, we also took care of the filmed media for in-store experiences and photography of in-context content for online and print advertising.

We produced tutorials, HR campaigns, software launch, social videos and more.

``Within briefing and guidelines but still creative / Within time constraints but still proposing valuable alternative solutions / within stress situations but still very qualitative and always very reactive and with a positive energy

Sophie de Dycker Brand and House Style Manager